Why nostalgia marketing is one of the best social media trends in 2021?

Nostalgia marketing is one of the best social media trends in 2021. Being stuck at home during the lockdown is extremely boring right? But it was also a good time for us to think about memories in the past.

The positive feelings will help people get over their struggles of the pandemic in 2020. That is why tons of #nostalgic keywords and hashtags are popularly mentioned on different social media platforms. 70+ experts predict that nostalgia marketing will hit social media trends for 2021.

Do you want to take advantage of nostalgia marketing? Swipe through to see the important information and takeaway tips for your business.

  1. Why nostalgia marketing is one of the best social media trends in 2021?
  2. The optimistic emotions of the GOOD OLD DAYS help enhance current emotions.
  3. Connecting with positive memories from the past prevents people from feeling bad about their current struggles.
  4. During the pandemic lockdown, mentions of nostalgic keywords rocketed from 13M to 24.4M of mentions (+88%).
  5. Netflix was successful at their 80’s nostalgia series – Stranger Things with 6.1M mentions and 23.1M engagements.
  6. “The world is changing, and we never know when it is over. Staying positive is the best way to live with this pandemic” – Aji Aditra Perdana, Head of Socia Media & Content Marketing, Home Credit, Indonesia.
  7. Remember that, nostalgia marketing only works for one generation at a time.
  8. Takeaways:
    Understand your audience in different demographic sets.
    Data mining back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
  9. Takeaways:
    Re-release your products, OLD IS NEW!
    Engage in retro influencers with nostalgic content ideas.
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