Google’s year in search 2020

On Wednesday, Google published its annual “Year in Search” list. The list serves as a kind of chronicle of the decade’s worth of newsworthy stuff that took place in this strange year. The list contains the top trending searches of the year which saw a high increase in traffic relative to 2019 for a prolonged period in 2020.

Unsurprisingly, this year’s Covid-19 pandemic took center stage, topping Google’s searches and news lists, and the film devotes significant time to the subject. Do not forget to check this post, some searches might help you recall special events this year!

  1. Google’s year in search 2020? Global
  2. It’s time to look back what we have searched
  3. News
    1) Coronavirus
    2) Election results
    3) Iran
    4) Beirut
    5) Hantavirus
  4. Games
    1) Among Us
    2) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
    3) Valorant
    4) Genshin Impact
    5) The Last of Us 2
  5. 2020 is also a year of losses …
  6. Loss
    1) Kobe Bryant
    2) Naya Rivera
    3) Chadwick Boseman
    4) Sushant Singh Rajput
    5) George Floyd
  7. Movies
    1) Parasite
    2) 1917
    3) Black Panther
    4) 365 Dni
    5) Contagion
  8. People
    1) Joe Biden
    2) Kim Jong Un
    3) Boris Johnson
    4) Kamala Harris
    5) Tom Hanks
  9. Top 5 Searches
    1) Coronavirus
    2) Election results
    3) Kobe Bryant
    4) Zoom
    5) IPL
  10. Share your naked thoughts in the comment below!

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