What did Finland search for in 2020? – Finland Year in Search 2020

Are you curious about what the Finnish population search for in 2020? We take a look at Finland Year In Search 2020 to understand more about the things that were on people’s minds and the events that happened this year.

What a turbulent year it has been! As the end of the year approaches, we are eagerly waiting for new and hopefully positive changes that are coming in the new decade. But before we go, let’s look back on the phenomena and events that have happened this year, which can be traced from Google’s Finland Year in Search 2020. These lists are made based on search terms that experienced the highest spikes in 2020 compared to last year.

As an international company in Finland, it was very interesting to see what the Finnish population has searched for and what they found entertaining. Note that these search terms were originally searched in Finnish and have been translated into English to our best knowledge.


Top search trends / Puheenaiheet

These are the search terms that have been looked for the most in Finland. It shows that Finland is very engaged in worldly events. It’s no surprise that Coronavirus came out on top, because of this, Fins want to get the latest update and official instructions from their national healthcare institute. But aside from the pandemic, they also closely follow the US elections, the Kobe Bryant incident, and they are quite selective about how they consume their news.

1) Coronavirus / Koronavirus

2) US elections / USA vaalit

3) Finland Institute for Health and Welfare / THL

4) CNN

5) Coronavirus instructions / Koronavirus oireet

6) Trump vs Biden

7) Janita Lukkarinen

8) Koronavilkku (the Corona tracking app in FInland)

9) Kobe Bryant

10) Meet


Popular news / Uutiset

These are the most popular news that appeared on Finland Year in Search 2020. It differs from the top trending search terms because these might have been what people heard on TV, on social media, or from their friends and family and decided to look more into the issues on Google.

1) Coronavirus / Koronavirus

2) US elections / USA vaalit

3) Trump vs Biden

4) Uusimaa

5) Trump Twitter

6) Vastaamo

7) Emergency preparedness legislation / Valmiuslaki

8) Paper union / Paperiliitto

9) Beirut

10) Black Lives Matter


Popular people / Henkilöt

We liked these search terms on popular people very much because it gives us a more inside look into the Finnish culture. Besides the prominent world figures like Kobe Bryant, Joe Biden, and Kim Jong Un, Fins are absorbed in news about their favorite TV personalities, singers, and musicians.

) Janita Lukkarinen (a well-known Finnish TV personality who recently died in November 2020)

2) Kobe Bryant

3) Ressu Redford (Finnish dance music and percussion singer who is actively involved in the popular series Vain elämää in 2020)

4) Joe Biden

5) Mariska (Finnish singer, lyricist, and composer who is actively involved in the popular series Vain elämää in 2020)

6) Sanna Marin (Finnish Prime Minister)

7) Pandora (a Swedish eurodance singer who appeared in the famous TV program Masked Singer in 2020 as the Peacock character)

8) Jope Ruonansuu (Finnish comedian who died in July 2020)

9) Kim Jong Un

10) Arja Koriseva (Finnish percussion singer and television face, who has been on her thirtieth anniversary tour in 2019 and 2020)


How / Miten

The “How” search terms are once again pandemic-heavy, as people wonder about the origin of the coronavirus, how it infects, and the right ways to counter it. The virus also causes a lot of job losses and unemployment, so people are determined to find other ways to make money. On a less upsetting side though, the whole world is forced to stay at home, and…putting on weight! It’s no different in Finland.

1) How the coronavirus infects / Miten koronavirus tarttuu

2) How the Corona begins / Miten korona alkaa

3) How to lose weight/ Miten laihtua

4) How the corona tracking app works / Miten koronavilkku toimii

5) How to make money / Miten saada rahaa

6) How do I find out my blood type / Miten selvitän veriryhmäni (there was a rumor that a certain blood type increases the severity of the symptoms but according to a Harvard study, there’s no such relationship between these two. However, symptomatic individuals with blood types B and AB who were Rh-positive were more likely to test positive for COVID-19, while those with blood type O were less likely to test positive. )

7) How the government is formed / Miten hallitus muodostetaan

8) How to take the corona test / Miten koronatesti otetaan

9)  How the norovirus infects / Miten norovirus tarttuu

10) How to put on the mask / Miten päin maski laitetaan


Recipes / Reseptit

Everyone of our friends said that they will come out of this pandemic a famous chef. How about you? Do you find yourself cooking more or at least, try to?

1) Potato salad / Perunasalaatti

2) Spruce syrup / Kuusenkerkkäsiirappi

3) Spruce / Kuusenkerkkä

4) Brussels sprouts / Ruusukaali

5) Funnel chanterelle / Suppilovahvero

6) Chanterelle / Kantarelli

7) Muffin / Muffinsi

8) Smoothie

9) Tippaleipä (a Finnish sweet pastry and food tradition for May Day in Finland)

10) Cloudberry jam / Lakkahillo


Entertainment / Viihde

Among Us got all the attention in the world as the most played game in 2020. But in Finland, the famous Finnish reality show Big Brother came out on top. Followed by several other TV programs, which tells us that Fins are tuning in on national television more compared to last year.

1) Big Brother

2) Among Us

3) Ex on the Beach Suomi

4) Masked Singer

5) Parasite

6) Vain elämää

7) Valorant

8) Teräsleidit

9) Dancing with the stars / Tanssii tähtien kanssa 

10) Pieni talo preerialla


What do you think of this year Finland Year in Search? Is it everything that you thought it would be or does it accurately represent the year 2020?

As you get ready for 2021, make sure to check out our Business trends forecast to prepare yourself and your business for the incoming changes.

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