8 tips to optimize your Facebook Ads – hack your way to massive success on Facebook

Learn the pros’ secrets to getting the best ROI from your Facebook campaigns!

More and more people are spending money on Facebook Ads, leading to substantially higher CPM (Cost per 1.000 impressions) and higher CPE (Cost per Engagement). Are you paying more while achieving less? Only by reducing cost can you survive in an increasingly competitive market. Here are 8 easy ways to help you optimize your Facebook Ads, decrease cost, and improve ROI (Returns on Investment).

1. Optimize Audience

Analyze whether your ad is delivering & distributing to the right audience. Visit the Ads manager to view the Breakdown, to see which age, which gender, which city engage with your content. Analyze what kind of interests and behaviors your ideal customers have. Take advantage of Facebook Audience Insights analytic tool.

Facebook frequently updates its algorithms, which can affect how a person can be perceived to have a hobby or behavior. In addition, one person’s preferences can change over time. If they are in need of a product, they will search the market for it, even join a group/ community to learn about it. However, once they buy the product, they may not be interested in similar products anymore. Therefore, when choosing the audience to target, you should create multiple groups to do experiments. Always test, test, and test. Measure the results and learn from your mistakes.

2. Optimize Reach

There are 2 ways to reach more people while reducing the cost of reach: you can either increase organic reach by leveraging Facebook SEO and hashtags so that users can find you naturally, or you can reduce CPM, for example, by using video to run ads if possible. Videos usually have cheaper CPMs. The trick here is to create a video ad that evokes emotions and encourages people to take action

3. Optimize Ads Placement

Facebook often “lures”, sometimes intimidates new advertisers by showing warnings such as “if you remove Instagram placement, the potential reach/ engagement can reduce by 30%…”

Don’t fall for it. You should choose the right placement for your product/ industry. Not every product will sell on Instagram. if the majority of your customers are not on Instagram, you are wasting money.

There are many Ad placements to choose from. Test different placements to figure out what works best for your products. Figure out placements where there are fewer advertisers to compete, then your ad costs will decrease.

4. Run Retargeting Campaign

People who are already interested in your products are more likely to converse than first-time visitors. You want to run retargeting campaigns to those who are familiar with your products. Show more interesting features, customer reviews, social proof, i.e to convince them why they should buy your product. You can even give them discounts

Apply the marketing funnel when you run a retargeting campaign.

5. Optimize Images

On Facebook, attention-grabbing photos mean a higher engagement rate and lower ads cost. Your task is to make the post image high-quality, eye-catching, impressive.

There are many ways to produce better photos depending on what your product or service is. For example, if you sell clothes, you can come up with unique collections and combinations, hire a professional model, or work with a designer who is excellent at photoshop!

6. Optimize Content

spend time to think of a good title and the first eight to ten first lines. Do A/B testings. You only get a few seconds to get the attention of users nowadays. Make your ads stand out. Tell your readers something that makes them keep reading your content. The more people are attracted to your ads, the more they click and the cheaper your ads cost. In most cases, a thin line between profit and loss is the difference in content.

7. Encourage Action

Don’t assume customers know what you want them to do. They don’t. Tell them exactly what to do, urge them to act. Whether you want your readers to like and comment on your post, tag their friends, watch the video till the end click on the link, leave their emails, download an ebook – always have a clear CTA (Call-to-Action). Think of something you can give your customers for free. Everyone loves freebies!

8. Use chatbot

Set up a chatbot to send free, personalized messages to customers who have contacted before. This is an excellent way to sell more while spending less on ads. You just need to set up a chatbot and then send personalized messages to your customers.

Keep learning to stay on top of the game

Facebook is like a battleground because it’s becoming increasingly competitive with so many players and increasingly difficult to get things right. Facebook itself never stops experimenting and pushing out new features to both users and advertisers. To survive and thrive in such an ever-evolving environment, you have to keep learning and testing to figure out what works best for you and your business. Stay on top of the game.

These are some easy ways to take your Facebook Ads to the next level. Follow these tips and you will see more success with your Facebook Campaigns.

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