Social gaming – the new trend in 2021

During the pandemic lockdown, many people turned to video games as a new form of entertainment. The social gaming community has drastically grown together with a huge number of fans. Most of the mentioned keywords are not related to the games they play, but their co-players. Friends and communities are the main conversation drivers with platforms: Twitch and YouTube.

In this article, Sisu Digital will analyze the metrics that make social gaming become one of the social media hot trends in 2021. If your business wants to lead the trend, do not hesitate to check this out!

  1. Social gaming is a hot trend in 2021?
  2. During the pandemic lockdown, many people turned to video games as a new form of entertainment on different social media channels. 
  3. Over a year, people who identify themselves as gamers has risen from 31.1M in August 2019 to 41.2M in July 2020 (+32%).
  4. People cannot have a face-to-face meeting in the real world, so building connections in digital realms is the best option.
  5. “The border between social media and gaming platforms are gradually disappearing.” – Jheric Delos, Head of Marketing at Amanotes.
  6. Brand example: Warner Bros took a leap of faith to reveal the trailer of their latest movie, Tenet by Christopher Nolan on the Fortnite game platform. The movie trailer got 2.6K mentions and generated 10.3K engagement.
  7. Spotify is also an instance of this gaming collaboration. They became a partner in audio streaming of League of Legends Esports.
  8. Next year, Facebook will launch Facebook Horizon, where you can explore an ever-expanding universe of virtual experiences designed and built by the entire community.
  9. Takeaways:
    1. Search for more communities
    1. Understand your audience
    1. Break the ordinary
    1. Up your social listening game
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