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Client's testimonial

“We worked with Daniel and his team at Sisu Digital to revamp our website and its SEO. The previous website was built with an outdated framework. It was buggy, slow and hard to make changes to. It failed to meet Stereoscape’s needs to reflect the fast changes in our business and the dynamic developments in our offering of interactive 3D and extended reality (XR) solutions. We were also not happy with the SEO, as we wish to rank for more relevant keywords and attract more organic traffic to our website. During the coronavirus crisis, a strong online presence is more critical than ever.
Sisu Digital Team is a pleasure to work with. They helped us solve our problems and delivered the results we expected – on time and on budget. During the project, they proved to be a knowledgeable, professional, and reliable partner. Weekly project meetings kept all parties informed along the way, and their agile team was flexible with our requests, which I highly appreciate.
Now that the new, optimized website is live, we will continue to work with Sisu Digital to boost our website’s Google ranking.”

– Heli Nelimarkka, Chairman at Stereoscape

I. About Stereoscape

The company is an expert in AR, MR, and VR along with 3D and interactive technologies to transform the way products are communicated. Stereoscape’s solutions are being used in diverse fields: marketing and sales, education, operation, and maintenance. They have their own trademark solutions SMARTSCAPE®, SHOWSCAPE®, and PROSCAPE®. They have a long business history and have worked with many corporations and big brands, including Nokia, Vaisala, Fortum, Neste.

Website: stereoscape.com

II. Key problems

Problem with Website

A website is very important because it is the online face of the company and is where digital sales and marketing happens.

The Stereoscape’s old website is built on a multi-purpose theme and Visual Composer, an outdated page builder. Managing it becomes a pain because there have been many problems:

  • The website speed, performance and structure directly affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You cannot rank high if you have a poorly developed website.
  • The current theme and the page builder is not flexible enough to make customized changes. Sometimes custom CSS and scripts are required. These custom codes are scattered all over the places.
  • The current framework is closed-wall, which means it is built in a way that the website master has to stick with it. If you leave the framework, change the theme or change the page builder, you will lose everything.
  • Each project page is customized. There is no template for the project pages. Even though it may help for the marketing team to request specific changes on each page, in the long run the project pages will become messy and impossible to manage in bulk. For example, if you want to add new information to all projects, you will have to go to each page and make changes manually one-by-one.
  • Elements are not intelligent links together. For example, the Account Managers are not linkedin to the projects they are in charge of.
  • There are so many plugins, each to do a small, specific task. Many plugins are overlapping. For example, there are 2 plugins for Popup (Popup Builder and Popup Marker); 2 plugins for Contact form (Contact form 7 and WPForms Lite); 2 plugins for custom fonts (Typekit Fonts and Use Any Font).
  • Worse still, having a lot of plugins also means it becomes difficult and even dangerous to update the WP cores, theme and plugins as there is a high possibility that after the update, the website will crash.
    The website’s speed lags noticeably mainly because of so many plugins in use.
  • There are a few bugs on the website. For example, when you click on an anchor text on a page, it reloads the page instead of sliding to the selected section.
  • It’s hard to integrate marketing to the website as implementing new visual changes and features are not easy and straightforward. A simple request such as showing a nice-looking Newsletter form on a popup in a specific page may already require a lot of work and customization.

Stereoscape wanted to rebuild the current website with a better framework that is easy to use, flexible to make changes with better marketing integration.

Problem with SEO

The current SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance was also not good as they expected:

  • Important pages like Solutions don’t rank well for important keywords.
  • The monthly website traffic is problematic. In May, there were 2,569 visitors, but 1,553 (or 60%) were from the United Arab Emirates. This is a strong indicator that their SEO is messed up and thus attracting the wrong type of visitors.
  • Of the visitors who are not from UAE, few contact forms if at all are submitted. This indicates that either the website offers and messages are not attractive enough, or the visitors are not the right target.
    All in all, they are an expert and a leading company in their field with a long business history. However, they haven’t enjoyed the benefits of high-quality organic SEO traffic, which is disappointing.

Stereoscape wants to investigate what is wrong with their SEO, correct the problems and make SEO work for them. They want to attract more high-quality organic traffic of their target audience and ultimately more leads, more sales and more profits.

Sisu Digital as the consultant has expertise in SEO and we believe that by improving the optimization of their site they will be able to amplify their message to the right audience, attract more customers, and increase profits.

III. Our solutions

Our solution for the website

The Consultant, Sisu Digital, does not recommend the Client rely on a WordPress theme and an outdated builder like Visual Composer. Instead, considering the Client’s needs, we recommend the Client to take a better approach: re-build the website with a new web system and framework that is fully customized for The Client’s own needs: easy to use; fast to deploy and make changes; reduce the reliance on hard code; fast loading and fast performance; better marketing integration.

Sisu Digital helped the Stereoscape team build their own theme using a user-friendly Page Builder/ Theme Builder and they have full control over all elements on the website. And the tool of choice is Elementor.

With the old website hosting, there was no option for the staging site. Any changes on the website were updated directly on the live site. That situation can lead to sudden site breakdown. With the new website, Sisu has fixed that major problem.

Our solution for SEO

SEO if done right will bring you an increasing number of high-quality traffic to your website over time. More targeted traffic means more leads, more sales, and more profits. Most importantly, you own your website and your organic traffic – you don’t have to pay for and become dependent on external sources like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads.

You can rely on cold calls, cold email, advertising, social media to drive outbound traffic to your website. But in the long run, you want inbound, organic traffic – people who have a problem and come to you naturally for the solution, not the other way around.

Based on initial research, we believe that we can bring Stereoscape to the forefront of search engine visibility.

  • Correcting website structures that may limit search engines’ abilities to understand why Stereoscape is the leader in their industry.
    Improving page speed.
  • Conduct competitive analysis and dive into your industry to discover and outline a content marketing strategy to create structured, systematic output of search engine optimized content to gain visibility.
  • Initiating outreach and press release copywriting and distribution to get other websites mentioning your website, which search engines tend to reward with higher rankings.

First, we fixed the immediately identifiable issues such as:

  • Broken links within the website
  • Dead pages
  • Empty meta descriptions
  • Un-optimized title tags

Second, we practiced SEO tactics on Stereoscape’s current content on their website: important page and blog post. Sisu team reviewed the old blog and suggested improvements on the following problems:

  • Target keyword
  • Blog’s length and structure
  • Keyword frequency
  • URL structure

Citation building is a process of accruing mentions of your business on relevant or reputable websites, which will boost your credibility with Google and increase your search ranking. We reviewed the existing citations (16 sites) and created a detailed report which includes more than 100 potential citation sites for Stereoscape and how to present the business better on those sites.

We also provided guidelines for the Stereoscape team so the in-house can actively improve the SEO performance in the long run. The guideline includes keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, backlink building.

IV. Impacts

The Stereoscape now have much more control over their website and SEO performance.

The website is easier to be updated, and the team can make all the changes by themselves.

The site also attracts more relevant visitors who are more likely to turn into hot leads.

Within 3 months, the number of impressions (how many times a user saw a link to the Stereoscape site) doubled, from 500 to 1000 impressions. Stereoscape also ranks higher on Google search results on more money keywords which can lead to potential transactions in the future.

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