UI/ UX & Web Design for OpenOcean

We re-built OpenOcean’s website from scratch. The result is a fresh, modern, and functional website to help them better reach their target audience.

Client's testimonial

I worked with Daniel on a project to upgrade OpenOcean’s website for better marketing purposes.
I was looking for a team that understands that in addition to design, the functionality, and a data-driven approach are essential to run a useful website today. Service and communication were fast and professional. We had a proficient and open exchange on what will be done in which timeframe. This was the smoothest website launch I have experienced so far. I recommend using Daniel and his team to do a quality check on your website. They proved to be very reliable and delivered the results we agreed on.

– Janina Salo-Glasemann, Marketing Director

I. About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in data-intensive software companies. The firm engages with founders to build and scale global companies that deliver robust technology solutions.

Website: https://openocean.vc/

II. Key problems

The client doesn’t feel like they own their website.

10 years ago, OpenOcean was founded and their website was built. It was refreshing, innovative, and fitting for a venture capital firm that invests in the future of technology. However, like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever. A decade later, OpenOcean’s website experienced the cruel taste of time and the company realized it was time for a change. 

The website has become outdated, old-fashion, rigid, and managing it was a pain.

There were many problems:

  • Navigating through the website was unbearable. Finding what you needed was even more difficult. In fact, half of the visitors couldn’t find what they were looking for. As a result, the bounce rate, time on site, and conversion rate were negatively affected.
  • The website/server was constantly out of service. The cause has been unknown but highly because of poor hosting.
  • Part of the website was hard-coded. The company felt that they have no ownership over their own website because they couldn’t even make slight changes without relying on the developer. 
  • OpenOcean wanted a website that was dynamic, modern, and easy to manage. Most importantly, they needed to make changes whenever they wanted. On the other hand, their developer at the time was not responsive to their needs and became harder to reach.
  • There was a lot of website traffic. However, the data collected was unfiltered so its relevance to the business was unsubstantial. Thus, the client could not make use of the data to influence decisions.
  • There is a need to implement new features and integrate marketing into the website. For example, the Chatbot needed to better understand website visitors, their needs, and their behavior; an Event Calendar so people can easily see what’s coming up; new landing pages for different target groups, etc.

III. Our solutions

Rebuild the website with a brand new web system and framework that are fully customized for OpenOcean’s needs. Our developer helped the company build its own website theme using a user-friendly Page Builder. As a result, the client was able to gain full control over all elements on their website. 

Furthermore, the website was in dire need of a makeover. OpenOcean worked with our UX designer to not only brainstorm new looks for the website but also detect problems that it might have and improve usability.

IV. Impacts

We created OpenOcean’s dream website:

  • Reliable, easy to use, and fast to deploy and make changes.
  • Fast loading and fast performance.
  • Beautifully designed with clean and contemporary visuals.
  • User-friendly, accessible, and informative.
  • Reduce the reliance on hard code.


A flourishing website with modern, customer-centric, and marketing-forward features:

  • An efficient and dynamic form system. Before web visitors submit their proposals and hand in their pitch decks, OpenOcean wants to ensure time well-spent for both sides. The form generates questions according to the answers that it was given. If the system finds that this is a highly-relevant prospect for the company, it will activate a form fill for the user to input their contact details.


web design UX/UI OpenOcean


  • A responsive chatbox. Similar to the form system, the chatbox also provides web visitors with more insights and lets them know if OpenOcean is the right solution for them. The difference is the chat box is more targeted, going deeper into the state of funding of the prospective customers before offering to contact them personally. 



web design UX/UI OpenOcean


  • An up-to-date event calendar. OpenOcean is constantly on the lookout for fresh and talented startups with cutting-edge technology to join their portfolio. That’s why the company always has events lining up to spread brand awareness and gather more prospective customers. Hence, the need for a place where web visitors can find all the upcoming news and events.


web design UX/UI OpenOcean



Whatever OpeanOcean wants, we deliver.

Towards the end of our projects, the client made an urgent request: an important feature needed to go live before they launch a press release. From the technical point of view, it was quite a complex feature and OpenOcean wanted it done in one week.

Say no more.

At Sisu Digital, we are flexible and responsible for our client’s needs. We are always ready to jump into it right away.

Introducing: the OpenOcean Interactive Market Map for Automation


web design UX/UI OpenOcean


The map was made from a simple CSV consisting of 120 automation software companies of different ages, sizes, and subsegments. When built into the website, the map becomes a powerful tool where users can filter companies by geography, click on each company to see more information about it, find its website, and see who invested and how much. 

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