Web Design for Thirdpresence

I. About Thirdpresence

Thirdpresence helps publishers and advertisers find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through our Contextual Buying Intent Data Platform.

ThirdPresence Contextual Intelligence allows publishers and advertisers to understand the underlying meaning of content and the environment in which their ads are served. As a result, they can connect with relevant audiences at scale and maximize protection – all within a privacy-friendly environment.

Website: https://thirdpresence.com/ 

II. Key problems

Google has just announced their new policies to eliminate third-party cookies.

This development was bad news for many digital advertisers. But Thirdpresence was ready to quell their worries. The company saw this not as a challenge but an opportunity to rebrand their company as the foundation of digital marketing in the future.

Contextual targeting. 

No longer will digital marketers and publishers have to rely on third-party cookies, Thirdpresence offers a data platform where companies can identify buying intent through contextual information.

To achieve their goals, Thirdpresence needed a website that attracts visitors. 

We offer a complete package that covers all aspects of a website, such as web design, web development, copywriting, branding, maintenance, and security.

  • A website overhaul: restarting from the website’s foundation to the website design, its content, and website copy.
  • Branding & copywriting: contextual targeting is the next big thing in digital marketing, but what does it really mean? How does it work and what are the business implications? Thirdpresence wanted Sisu Digital to provide a website copy that explains these details to their website visitors and help them understand why Thirdpresence is the best solution for them.
  • Website maintenance: focus on expanding your business and let us manage the tedious work. We make sure Thirdpresence’s website is operating with its full capabilities by backing up their website, updating the WordPress core, keeping themes and plugins up to date, clearing your cache, and optimizing your database.

III. Our solutions

How Sisu Digital helped Thirdpresence capture the opportunity

As a digital marketing agency, Sisu Digital understands very well the value of data. But what’s even more important is our customer’s privacy and keeping their information safe. We started with our client – Thirdpresence to really understand what their business is about and what it was that they need from us. We immersed ourselves in the business of contextual targeting like it was our own.

Being the pacesetter

Running a business is hectic and sometimes, working on the website is the last thing on your mind. We get that, which is why we play the role of the project manager in all of our projects. When our client has trouble moving forward, we help them identify the problems and propose ideas so that together, we move closer to the finishing line. 

IV. Impacts

Websites made by Sisu Digital are always user-friendly, intuitive, and complimentary in ways companies wish to be represented. For Thirdpresence, we took charge of their website’s development, design, and copywriting.

Presenting: Thirdpresence – rebranded.

  • Professional web development: easy to navigate, responsive, SEO-friendly, secure, and high-speed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design: a state-of-the-art website where the client has full control of the website’s visual design. Sisu Digital also helped Thirdpresence with their color schemes, which are elegant, clean, and easy on the eyes.  The main color scheme is grey, yellow, and blue. The color combination – yellow and grey – are the Pantone colors of 2021 that represent resilience, security, vitality, and hope. We incorporate this with trustworthy blue, which pulls the whole look together to create a meaningful and modern website.
  • Reliable and user-centered content: We took time to dig really deep into what Thirdpresence is about, in terms of value, concept, and business solutions. In a way, we become an expert on contextual targeting ourselves, which is why we are able to make such a complicated concept easy to understand. We also perform SEO-optimization on the website copy, which is why the website was able to rank better and gain more visitors.

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