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Entrepreneurs of Finland is where you can find inspiring and insightful stories of entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, and self-employed from all walks of life in Finland. Everyone has a unique story, especially entrepreneurs. Their stories of failure and success, of struggling and thriving can help inspire and encourage people to embrace entrepreneurship or to do things they are passionate about but have never get started.

Entrepreneurs of Finland wants to honor the entrepreneurs as well as give recognition to their hard work and contribution to the economy & society. Simultaneously, the organization wants to make their collection of entrepreneurial stories a resource for inspiration to support all entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Finland and around the world.

Client's testimonial

We collaborate with Sisu Digital to make the entire website for Entrepreneurs of Finland. Throughout all the time, the website has been running smoothly. We receive a lot of positive feedback from our audience how much they like the site. Entrepreneurs of Finland also appears in the first page of Google search for some key terms. I’m very happy with the services from Sisu Digital team. 

For anyone who would like to take their digital marketing strategy to the next level, Sisu Digital is the one that you should work with. They are very passionate about what they do, you can really sense that passion. Thanks and keep up the good work!

– Hanna Nguyen, Founder & CEO at Entrepreneurs of Finland

II. Key problems

In late 2019, Hanna was a second-year college student with a big vision. She saw a lack of platforms for international entrepreneurs living in Finland. Being an entrepreneurship enthusiast herself, Hanna is captivated by the people behind the brand. She wanted to create a community where entrepreneurs can share their journeys and connect with each other. 

Just like that, on a casual Sunday evening, an idea was formed. Hanna was immediately in contact with Sisu Digital so that we can help make her vision come to life. 

Our mission was to build a reliable, intuitive and inspiring website that can attract entrepreneurs from all over Finland. Along with the website, we also work with Entrepreneurs of Finland to develop a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy.

III. Our solutions

After Hanna came to us on Sunday, the website structure was built and ready to be launched on the very next day.

Yes, whatever our clients want, we deliver as quickly and skillfully as possible.

Hanna has four goals for her brand. The website and marketing strategy were built with these goals in mind.

  • Promoting entrepreneurship in Finland and helping people realize if starting a business was for them, or simply adopting the entrepreneurial mindset to advance in their professional development. Hanna wanted people to understand both the ups and downs of entrepreneurship through the authentic stories that are told by people who know best.


  • Honoring entrepreneurs and celebrating those who have been silently contributing to our society. Because more often than not, only big brands and their achievements are well-known to the public. Small brands and the people behind them deserve recognitions as well. 


  • Connecting like-minded people. Entrepreneurs of Finland is the place where people can find inspiration, knowledge, and support. It’s a community where people can relate with each other and find the strengths to continue even when things get tough. It is a source for everyone who would like to learn more about the Finnish startup ecosystem.


  • Tell the story. For Entrepreneurs of Finland, the focus is always on the human. Entrepreneurship is more than just building a business. For some people, it’s a lifestyle.

IV. Impacts

Web Design

To build a community, one needs to gain trust from the people first. Hanna’s goals for Entrepreneurs of Finland helped us understand the brand’s values, which is why we were able to successfully convey their message to the public and build trust from there.

The feedback we received from the audience was great. For our website visitors, the platform is neat, informative and trust-worthy. Some even thought that this was a website of a Government organization.


Digital Marketing & Branding Strategy

After the website was built, Sisu Digital was quick to organize a lead generation campaign that invited entrepreneurs from around Finland to share their stories. We also determined that the stories will be presented in two formats: an article and a movie (video).

On Sunday, the idea was formed. On Monday, the website was ready. On Tuesday, we found the very first lead for Entrepreneurs of Finland. Together with Hanna, we moved through the motion to set up an interview and shoot the video that tells the story of the entrepreneur. 


On that same Tuesday, the first story was published on Entrepreneurs of Finland’s website and the response was massive.

In one week, the website captured 16,000 website traffic. 


With this momentum, Sisu Digital also earned the trust that we can take care of the marketing strategy in its entirety. From communication to content strategy, we helped Entrepreneurs of Finland improve their brand image, present better content and reach more people. 


On social media channels, we helped our client grow and obtain a total of 6,000 followers.

On the website, our client receives a consistent traffic of 1,000 per day.


The most profound impact is SEO. Entrepreneurs of Finland have been ranking first for every keyword about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, and starting a business in Finland. Sisu Digital’s SEO strategy enables our client’s business to be found more easily.

Still, there is a lot to be done to help Hanna achieve her goals for Entrepreneurs of Finland. At the moment, we have an ongoing project with the organization. It is a revamp project that aims to:

  • Present different types of content that illustrate the entrepreneurs’ journeys
  • Find a better way to improve the website navigation
  • Bring more superior user experience for visitors at different touch points (social media channels – website)
  • Collect marketing data to understand website visitors’ behaviors.

Every month, we have an internal workshop with Entrepreneurs of Finland to catch up, share knowledge, propose new ideas, and help our client execute their marketing strategy.

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