Marketing Strategy for Reactron

A complete marketing solution for a hectic growth startup. We supported Reactron with the market analysis, marketing strategy development then reviewed website and content’s performance with an SEO-oriented approach.

Client's testimonial

Working with Daniel and Sisu team was a pleasant experience. They paid attention to our needs and spent the effort to understand our business nature and our problems. Daniel has provided us with very useful and practical consultation through a series of strategic sessions. Thanks to Sisu Digital’s help, we now have a clearer vision of how to improve our marketing strategy. Moreover, the communication was candid, easy, and fast. Sisu has proven to be a professional and reliable partner, I would highly recommend the Sisu Digital team.

Trung Nguyen – CEO & Co-founder

I. About Reactron

Reactron Technologies is a new technology consultant agency. Founded in 2019, the team is growing rapidly. Reactron’s expertise covers mobile development (React Native, Android, iOS), web development (React.js, Gatsby.js, Angular), back-end development (Java, Python, Spring Framework, Django, Flash, Serverless), and infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean).


II. Key problems

Working with Reactron is a very interesting experience for the Sisu team since Reactron needs a wide range of marketing solutions, not one specific marketing service. As a young start-up, Reactron wants to put more effort into marketing. And at the same time, the team needs a direction to improve the marketing skills of the in-house member. Overall, we defined the main challenges that Reactron marketing team was facing:

  • They want to create a constant flow of leads. Most of the current leads were from personal networking and references.
  • The website traffic was gained organically without SEO efforts. So the result was unstable.
  • Lack of idea for long-term media content, including blog posts and social media posts.

One more challenge in the Reactron case, as the same as compared to other startups, is that they need the marketing tactics which can bring the most results out of limited resources. There is only one marketing member in the Reactron team, who is in charge of all marketing activities. There are so many things the Reactron team wants to do to drive more sales, but they need help with how to use their resources most effectively.

III. Our solutions

1. Project Audit

The first assessment is very important at the beginning of every project because it is the first step to give us valuable insight on exactly how we can support Reactron with its marketing activities. The reexamination covered all sales and marketing materials (strategy, sales deck, blog post, social media post, etc), website’s setting and performance, analytics, and report system.

After a careful revision, we proposed to help Reactron complete their information about the target customer. After understanding more about the customer and the best way to approach them, we will know exactly which marketing tactics to devote ourselves to.

From this review process, we also provided a comprehensive report on how Reactron can utilize their Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business accounts.

2. Marketing Strategy

The groundwork is very crucial, in order to bring the right direction for the next steps. It took us 4 sessions working closely with the Reactron team to complete its customer profile. The final result including thorough description of:

  • Target customer segmentation
  • Customer persona
  • Customer journey
  • Content strategy

We came up with a customer journey Canva map, which is a clear picture of which tasks need to be done during a customer’s buying journey, and most importantly, the connection between sales and marketing tasks. We all know sales and marketing need to work closely together for better-qualified leads. We decided to work particularly on this matter so the Reactron sales and marketing team can achieve the best possible results in the future.

3. Sales Material

With a better understanding of target customers, we also reviewed Reactron’s sales deck. We provide a new template for case studies and portfolios, which more effectively present Reactron’s capacity.

We spent time working on the company message on their website and social media platform. All those brand’s sales materials are powerful tools to move the customer forwarding the sales process.

4. Workshops

Contacting Sisu, Reactron has a need to improve marketing skills for the team members. So a series of workshops have been organized:

  • Keyword research. Keyword research offers an insight into customer’s behavior and brings direction for all SEO activities. The workshop covers the most essential concepts in keyword research: how to choose the right keywords, where to find keywords ideas and suitable tools.
  • Google ads. Paid online advertising is a broad topic so it’s hard to cover everything entirely in one workshop. However, we still managed to explain in the session how Google Ads work, how to effectively set up campaigns and ad groups, and most importantly how to write a good ad copy.
  • Website audit. During the workshop, we re-examine Reactron’s website structure and setting. The outcome is a list of how we can improve the website’s performance and also a template for the team to use so next time they can do it by themselves.

IV. Impacts

Within 3 months, Sisu Digital delivered a complete solution that covers all aspects including marketing strategy, SEO, and advertising. We reassured Reactron’s groundwork, gave them a deeper understanding of their target audience, and how to get closer to the potential clients. Together, we laid out the foundation for Reactron’s marketing activities in the future.

With this project, we are so proud to approach it from the customer’s perspective. We spent time really figuring out their needs and business nature as we worked as the extended arm of their marketing team.

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