Web Design for Cascade Control Oy

UPDATED: I’m currently working on SEO for the client’s website. The results have been extremely impressive. We have several keywords on first SERP page, top 10. More information will be updated later.

Cascade is a Swedish company providing 3D measurement and scanning. They also operate in Finland. The Finnish representative came to me and asked for a good-looking, functional website for Cascade.fi. They had been using the same website with the Swedish mother company but there were so many problems with it that they decided to go make their own. They want full control over their web site.

The result

A visually beautiful, responsive website similar the Swedish site but better than it in many ways. Transition effects and subtle changes are incorporated into the site, creating a seamless browsing experience. And the website is completely responsive and looks fantastic in mobile and tablet! The Finnish client was very satisfied with the new site, saying his Swedish counterparts also gave lot of compliments to his Finnish site.

Extremely satisfied with my work, the client continued to ask me to provide consulting on digital marketing and advertising. I went on by offering him a free consulting session about Adwords specifically and even helped him set up properly the company’s very first campaign.

On-going project. More information will come in the future.


Being collected…

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