The evolution of memetic media

Emojis and stickers are not popular in text anymore in recent years. Instead, GIFs and Memes are dominating social media channels and chat apps. Not all of them are funny and positive, but memes are shifting the way of communication as an interesting way to raise community engagement.

In this article, you will be surprised by the facts of memetic media in recent years. At the end of the post, there are some useful takeaways that you’re your business gains advantages in social media marketing.  

  1. Why is memetic media hot in 2021?
  2. Memes and GIFs are now the key elements of communication.
  3. They’re not all positive and adorable, however…
  4. They can be used to manipulate the perspective of the users.
  5. 55% of 13-35-year olds sending memes every week.
  6. Mentions of memes increased over the last 13 months, from 19.8M mentions in August 2019, to 24.9M in July 2020 (+26%).
  7. Memes contain old-school movies, series and pop-culture can be a new-age catalyst in marketing. Lisateave about memes!
  8. Sony’s PS5 released a trailer of their product’s new look and quickly got users’ responses. This format is very simple but gaining significant engagement at 180K.
  9. Kokkuvõtteid:
    1. Share and encourage user-generated memes (UGM)
    1. Monitor your brand logo
    1. Be cautious of what you post
    1. Check the regulations
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